A Software-defined Edge powered by Riverbed SteelFusion

centralizes back to the data center the IT silos that are typically distributed across edge sites, as well as intensive and costly edge IT operations such as data backup and recovery, and the provisioning of new applications, services (virtual firewalls, file servers, SD-WAN), and entirely new sites.

A Software-defined Edge blurs the lines between traditional on-prem data centers, private and public clouds to give IT organizations flexibility to choose where they want their core data and applications to live.

A Software-defined Edge solution must deliver 3 fundamental capabilities to solve the challenges of edge IT:

The ability to centralize and accelerate core operations

Simplified edge infrastructure that 'hyper-converges' technologies that have traditionally been purchased and maintained separately

Enhanced long-term business value

What Makes the Business Case for SteelFusion? How Does it Improve IT at the Edge?

  • No servers. No storage. No backup.
  • Instant provisioning. Instant Recovery.
  • Complete security. Full visibility.
  • Apps that simply work.

Riverbed's ‘Hyper-Converged Edge’ SteelFusion reliably uniquely delivers datacenter IT services out to those edges for top-notch performance and availability, but keeps actual data centralized in the datacenter for rock-solid data protection and DR — maximally leveraging core IT infrastructure and staff.

– Taneja Group

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all branch data in the datacenter without compromising performance at the branch.