Quickly respond to new market opportunities by centralizing and accelerating global operations


The IT patchwork of people, processes, and systems that exists in many remote and branch offices (ROBOs) today come at a high cost: An average of 50% of enterprise IT budgets are spent supporting ROBO IT.

A Software-defined Edge powered by SteelFusion™ centralizes back to the data center the IT silos that are typically distributed across edge sites, as well as intensive and costly edge IT operations such as data backup and recovery, and the provisioning of new applications, services (virtual firewalls, file servers, SD-WAN), and entirely new sites. These operations are either conducted today by locally stationed personnel who are untrained in IT, through contractors, or by way of costly travel that removes IT experts from doing other efforts for the business. With IT infrastructure and operations centralized in the data center under expert IT staff, companies now have the control to secure 100% of company data in their own data center or in the cloud, and the agility to deliver the applications and services to users when and where they need them.

It sounds almost too good to be true, until you see it in action for yourself.

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