Move sensitive information from unsecure ROBO sites to the secure data center


According to a January 2017 ESG poll of 200 large US enterprises, where 34% of the interviewees managed more than 250 ROBO locations, information security and compliance ranked as more than 2X as important a challenge in managing distributed IT than the next most critical challenge1.

In an IT world of hybrid and distributed everything, you need a way of ensuring that your most critical corporate asset outside of employees themselves—data—is protected. A Software-defined Edge with SteelFusion™ takes care of your data in today's distributed business world.

And Riverbed® SteelFusion is delivering that today.

SteelFusion removes sensitive information from high-risk ROBO locations and centralizes it in well-protected data centers for complete data protection—with no compromise to local performance, regardless of distance.

1 Enterprise Strategy Group, 2017

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