Grow business faster by simplifying complex ROBO IT operations


Remote and branch office (ROBO) sites are critical to business growth. Yet they often operate with a vast collection of mismatched hardware, a mixed bag of “IT support,” a slew of applications and few, if any, standard processes... resulting in a costly and complex IT patchwork that inhibits business growth.

In an IT world of hybrid and distributed everything, you need a way of ensuring that your most critical corporate asset outside of employees themselves—data—is protected. A Software-defined Edge with SteelFusion™ takes care of your data in today’s distributed business world.

And Riverbed® SteelFusion™ is delivering that today.

SteelFusion centralizes and simplifies ROBO IT operations at the data center, under the care of skilled IT professionals. All data continuously flows back to the data center with zero impact on local performance, removing the need for backup at ROBO sites. And provisioning new services and sites, as well as recovery of sites, can happen in seconds to minutes, not days or weeks.

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